How to Save a Google Drive Video to iPhone

Save a Google Drive Video to iPhone

Are you wondering how you can save Google Drive video to your iPhone device? If yes, then you have stumbled upon the right page. In today’s article, I will share some popular methods that can help you learn how to save a Google Drive video to iPhone devices. Google Drive is a well-known and highly … Read more

How to Empty Trash in Google Drive

how to empty google drive trash all at once

If you think that once you have deleted your files from Google Drive, it gets deleted completely, then you are wrong. After you delete files on Google Drive, it gets stored for 30 days in the trash. So if you ever feel a need to recover a file, then you have the option. But what … Read more

How to Remove Access to Google Drive (Helpful Guide)

how to remove access in google drive

Well, Google Drive is one of the biggest cloud storage platforms available for anyone and everyone. You can choose to save all your files, media, and much more on the platform. In fact, you have the option to even share it with multiple people. Now, there are times when you might need to revoke access … Read more

Google Drive Vs Google Docs – Overview & Comparison

Google Drive Vs Google Docs

Whether you’re looking for flexible cloud storage solutions or powerful word processors, the tech-giant Google offers you everything you need to sustain a digital lifestyle. Knowing about the various details of such technologies, you can make better decisions for your work processes. Let us check out, Google Drive Vs Google Docs. Google offers these storage solutions … Read more

How to Upload Video from Google Drive to YouTube

Upload Video from Google Drive to YouTube

All of us are familiar with YouTube, and at some point, we all thought of uploading our own content and dreamt of becoming famous. Uploading and downloading go hand in hand. However, uploading videos on YouTube was a lot easier a few months back. With the introduction of YouTube studio in 2020, a lot of … Read more

How to Remove Shared Files from Google Drive

How to Remove Shared Files from Google Drive

Apart from storing your files on Google Drive, Google Drive also offers you the option to share your files with other users online. Similarly, other users can share their files with you if they have your email ID. But what if someone has shared some files with you, and you don’t want them on your … Read more

How to Turn Off Google Drive Sync on all platforms

how to turn off google drive sync

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage services among all the options available on the web. There is no doubt that it is highly secure and lets you safely store all your files and folders on cloud storage. Well, you might be here looking for some solution on how to turn off … Read more

How to Unzip Files on Google Drive on Desktop and Smartphone

How to Unzip Files on Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage services available out there. Even it is one of the widely used platforms for sharing files. We use Google Drive to share docs, images, videos, zip, and other types of files. However, you may not be comfortable downloading zip files on your PC for obvious security … Read more

Google Drive vs Dropbox – A Head To Head Comparison

Google Drive vs Dropbox

When it comes to storing and sharing information online, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive are some of the most popular services. They store and share large files online quickly and conveniently.  Let us discuss in detail, Google Drive vs Dropbox. If you are struggling to … Read more